Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's been five years! 日本語勉強開始5年記念

I just noticed that the summer semester in JU started. Five years ago around the same time I took my first lesson in Japanese.

Five years is a lot of things happening; a lot of things that I wouldn't have experienced if I didn't start studying the language. Whenever I think about all this, I involuntarily take a deep breath...

Japanese 101 class - Summer 2003

Lots of memories. Lots of feelings. Lots of things changed. Lots of stories to tell, both about my personal experience learning the language and about the progress of Japanese education in Jordan. I really don't know what to mention or where to start. For being one of the old-timer, higher level students, I feel I have bragging rights, but at the same time I feel very disappointed in my language level after 5 years. Lately it's also kind of boring because most of the faces I was used to are now spread out in other countries. When I visit JICA (or JAAJ now) or go to gatherings (like sensei farewells) I barely recognize anybody. But enough about that.

I want to say one thing to all the senseis that taught me until now, especially K-sensei and T-sensei: Thank you very much for your effort, time and support. Without your support, progressing would have been really difficult, if not downright impossible.

I'm really busy with work and other things these days, but I hope that before the next five years are over, that I really master Japanese (spoken, written, casual and polite).

これからも、頑張らせてください :)